The Team

Hey there!

This is us... With some friends during one of our "10-X" tours.


 My lovely wife Lorena is in the middle, with the red dress, and I am sporting that wide smile in the green and gray plaid shirt.

One of the highlights of the "10-X", as we call them, is at the end of the tour, coming out and having a drink with our newly acquired friends, as we exchange impressions on the tour and have a lovely morning or evening together.

We hope to see you soon and have you as part of our treasured list of friends.

See you soon!

80 Av. #451 Int. A entre 5 sur y Morelos Col. Cuzamil, Cozumel, Q. ROO  77667


Book any tour at the time you like. Contact us for more information:  /  Tel. +52 987 876 16 26

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