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Taco Fest 2019

Updated: May 6

Celebrate the 1st Taco Fest Gourmet Tour by 10 Experiences from December 9th to 13th. Enjoy the selection of five mexican dishes, meat in its juice and dessert, accompanied by the perfect pairing and incorporating an incredible and enveloping Mexican audiovisual.

Regular Price: $80 USD per person

Taco Fest price : $70 USD per person

Tour starts: 12pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Reservations: +52 1 987 876 1626 (whatsapp Lorena Sanroman)

Location 80 Av. #451 Int. A entre 5, Calle José María Morelos Col, Cuzamil, 77667 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R. (Google Maps)

This stimulating tour is magic for the five senses, is carried out for 90 minutes, the changes are made masterfully, presenting each time with their own personality, delighting the palate with different sauces, peppers, tortillas, sea proteins, vegetables, spices, seeds and more.


1) Sinaloa

Shrimp Taco dorado

Drink Pairing

2) Michoacán

Pork Taco

Drink Pairing

3) Cozumel

Jamaica Taco

Drink Pairing

4) Jalisco

Meat in its juices

Drink Pairing

5) Nuevo León

Mahaca Taco

Drink Pairing

6) Yucatán

Cochinita pibil Taco

Drink Pairing

7) Guanajuato

Taco of Chocolate

Drink Pairing

Reservations: +52 1 987 876 1626 (whatsapp Lorena Sanroman)


80 Av. #451 Int. A entre 5 sur y Morelos Col. Cuzamil, Cozumel, Q. ROO  77667


Book any tour at the time you like. Contact us for more information:  /  Tel. +52 987 876 16 26

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