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Updated: May 6, 2020

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10 Experiences Tour:

This will be a gastronomic tour through 10 regions of Mexico, enjoying some of the most representative dishes in a ten course dinner. Each dish has been carefully paired with a cocktail, wine or beer, to match with its particular flavors. Should you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, we offer a variety of refreshing fruit drinks, also selected to match each course.

To help you immerse yourself into the lushness and beauty of this country while you taste its flavors, we include an audiovisual accompaniment to your dinner; with fantastic images and Mexican music, and a bit of information of the 10 different regions that your palate will be visiting.

Chef Alejandro Torres offers unique recipes containing the flavors common to the ten different regions of Mexico we will explore. These customized presentations will make your five senses explode. Come discover Mexico with us and enjoy the sensation of the regional dining experiences.

Normal price: $160 USD per person

Duration: 3 hours (Starts 7pm)

Include: Ten course dinner with drinks like wines, beer, mezcal and tequila

Tips do not included.


+7 by 10 Experiences Tour

Through gastronomy, we make the tour of seven states of the Mexico, savoring the selection of five tacos, meat in its juice and dessert, accompanied by the exact and balanced pairing of drinks with and without alcohol as decided by the diner.

Incorporated into this experience is the extraordinary audiovisual production that makes the difference. It exposes countless nature reserves, biodiversity, magical towns, spectacular places, architecture, history and most importantly our people with their traditions.

This stimulating tour for the senses is carried out for 90 minutes, each dish is made masterfully, presenting each time with their own personality, delighting the palate with different sauces, peppers and tortillas. So, with no further spoilers, see you tonight at our place, let us surprise you

Normal price: $80 USD per person

Duration: 90 minutes (Starts 11:30am)

Include: Seven course dinner with drinks like wines, beer, mezcal and tequila

Tips do not included.


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