7 Experiences Tour

Through gastronomy, we make the tour of seven states of the Mexico, savoring the selection of seven dishes , accompanied by the exact and balanced pairing of drinks with and without alcohol as decided by the dinner. 


7 Experiences Tour

Incorporated into this experience is the extraordinary audiovisual production that makes the difference. It exposes countless nature reserves, biodiversity, magical towns, spectacular places, architecture, history and most importantly our people with their traditions.

This stimulating tour for the senses is carried out for 90 minutes, each dish is made masterfully, presenting each time with their own personality, delighting the palate with different sauces, peppers and tortillas. So, with no further spoilers, see you tonight at our place, let us surprise you.

Tel: 998 432 4988 |  Email: info@10experiencestour.com

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7 Times Dinner

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Enjoy the flavors of Mexico

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The Taste of Mexico
  • Reservation 24 hours before the event

  • Itinerary: Monday to Saturday

  • You choose the hour

  • Minimum age 12 years old

  • Capacity of 2 to 12 people per event

  • If there is any food restriction please send the details by mail

  • Taxes included. Tip is not included


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Tel: 998 432 4988  |  Email: info@10experiencestour.com

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