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10 Experiences 2.0

Lorena and I decided to undertake a new adventure, offering the 10 Experiences Tour 2.0 version, under the same format of making the magic of our country feel with the five senses and incorporating new states

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10 Experiences 2.0

3 years ago, we were able to show for the first time an unforgettable experience through Mexico where all the senses take a part, we realized the richness of the gastronomical and cultural display, as well as Mexico’s traditions to mention a few are our essence, that we proudly show to the world. So we decided to make this adventure spread over ten different states, with an avant-garde proposal that combines the great experience of chef Alejandro Torres and the unique service that defines 10 Experiences Tour, making our visitors vibrate with passion. in each of the productions. 10 Experiences Tour 2.0 the adventure continues and only YOU are missing!

Tel: 998 432 4988 |  Email: info@10experiencestour.com

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10 Times Dinner

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Include pairing

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Enjoy the flavors of Mexico

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The Taste of Mexico
  • Reservation 24 hours before the event

  • Itinerary: Monday to Saturday

  • You choose the hour

  • Minimum age 12 years old

  • Capacity of 2 to 12 people per event

  • If there is any food restriction please send the details by mail

  • Taxes included. Tip is not included


Contact us for more information

Tel: 998 432 4988  |  Email: info@10experiencestour.com